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    Pre-Kindergarten Standards
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  • Geometry & Measurement
    • P.GM.1.1
      Identify circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles by pointing to the shape when given the name.
    • P.GM.2.1
      Identify measurable attributes of objects. Describe them as little, big, long, short, tall, heavy, light, or other age appropriate vocabulary.
    • P.GM.2.2
      Directly compare two objects with a common measurable attribute using words such as longer/shorter; heavier/lighter; or taller/shorter.
    • P.GM.2.3
      Sort objects into sets by one or more attributes.
  • Algebraic Reasoning & Algebra
    • P.A.1.1
      Sort and group up to 5 objects into a set based upon characteristics such as color, size, and shape and explain verbally what the objects have in common.
    • P.A.1.2
      Recognize, duplicate, and extend repeating patterns involving manipulatives, sound, movement, and other contexts.
  • Number & Operations
  • Data & Probability
    • P.D.1.1
      Collect and organize information about objects and events in the environment.
    • P.D.1.2
      Use categorical data to create real-object graphs.