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Games are an amazing platform for learning. In fact, every great game is a learning experience. Yet in our homes and classrooms, learning and play are often divided. At Math Games, we think studying should happen differently. We offer games that make practicing math FUN.

We have over 1200 different ways to practice math and we present these to users with vibrant and stimulating visuals. Pupils from pre-K to 8th grade can practice core math skills using our range of appealing games or our digital textbook.

We have carefully designed our site to ensure that time spent using Math Games is always instructionally relevant.

Our team spent years exploring the needs and suggestions of teachers and parents to discover which pedagogical tools would be most helpful in the classroom and at home. In response, we created a powerful, robust product that is simple to use but offers highly-detailed, actionable insights into student progress.

Features include:

  • Pupils can be assigned specific math skills to practice and concrete goals to work toward
  • Our site automatically grades every exercise completed using our games or digital textbook
  • We send progress reports on students' results to teachers and parents, so they can monitor areas of weakness or strength
  • Printable worksheets (with grading keys) are available for offline use

By keeping the learning experience light, enjoyable and engaging with our popular games, Math Games encourages students to practice math regularly and for sustained periods of time. Using our tools, they can associate learning with having fun!

Not only is it quick and easy to use Math Games, but our resources are also adaptable to any setting. Our website works equally well on computers, tablets, and cellphones, and we have offline pedagogical options for students who lack internet or for classrooms without technology access.

There are no barriers to entry to using our site. Students using Math Games have already answered over 500 million math questions to date. We hope you come join them!

Features For Teachers and Parents
Practice Through Play
Math Games started with a single feature a Math Game. From that single feature, we have expanded and grown to include the list below. Our best ideas have come from our dedicated community of teachers and parents that provided valuable feedback to us. We listen and we build tools that will help you further the learning experience in your homes and classrooms. Please review the list below and contact us with suggestions and feedback. Together we can make wonderful things happen!
  • Instant setup using Google Classrooms or Office 355
  • Create printable worksheets for offline practice
  • Create detailed assignments, lesson plans and exit tickets
  • Scratch pads to help students solve problems
  • Detailed Reporting for Teachers and School Admins
  • Skills Aligned to the Common Core Standards
  • Tablet, Chromebooks, iPads and mobile phone ready - no downloads needed
  • Trusted and used by over 5 million students in homes and classrooms
- CCSS Aligned Questions
- Mathematicians
- Questions Answered
What Our Users Are Saying Read More Reviews »
  • I would use this as a supplemental tool that gives immediate formative feedback. I would use this as tool to engage students. The integration to google class is very exciting. This is a huge advantage to our iPad schools.
    Matt, IT facilitator. School Type: Middle School
  • This is an excellent website that can help increase the students knowledge in what they have learn in the class. Our students are use to playing games in the computer and this website gives them exactly what they want, games. Games are appealing to them and it focuses on skill that they have already learned.
    NIeves, Teacher. School Type: Elementary School
  • I would use it for all students, especially those who need remediation in particular areas. This product allows students to practice skills and advance. It creates a fun learning platform for all students. The majority of students enjoy playing games. This product is a great way or students to be engaged, learn and have fun at the same time.
    LaKisha, Teacher. School Type: Elementary School
  • I think the main strengths are the self motivation, the data collect component, the skill based learning, the selection of different grade levels for any student. I would recommend it because the students are self motivated to use games.
    Pedro, Director of IT. School Type: Middle School
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